Monday, June 6, 2011

Making Pines

Here I will be showing you how to make simple pines.

 Cut strands of sisal rope in shape of pine tree.

Place rope in wire.

After spinning as per tree making tutorial remove excess wire on top of tree.

Twist top few rope strands as per photo.

Add a bit of PVA to tip.

Your tree should look similar to this.

After glue has dried trim tree to desired look.

Make a mixture of Water and PVA Glue in ratio 50:50

Dip tree into mixture.

 Allow for excess mixture to run off, you could use an old paint brush to aid you with this.

Apply the sawdust flock, make sure you get it into the core.

Flock tree thoroughly from all angles.

Tap stem to remove excess flock and allow to dry. You could give it a spray of clear matt varnish to prevent additional loss of flock.

My pine forrest at present.


Making Flock

This is a quick tutorial on making flock for some pines I will be making later.

Get some fine saw dust and acquire some food colouring from Moms kitchen cupboard.

Pour the colouring into container and mix saw dust in thoroughly. The more saw dust added the lighter the flock colour becomes.

Spread flock out to dry properly. Hint always make enough of same colour for future use.