Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update on vines

Just received the flock for the vines from Dream trains and thought I should post a small update.

The farm is nearing completion, keep watching the blog for progress.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Mountain Construction

The following will show you how I went about constructing a mountain.

Step 1

Lay down the tracks.

Step 2

Lay down your foam base so that the mountain is not fixed.

Construct mountain on base.

The next few photos will show how I get the base for the section in between the tracks. Place foam on tracks and press down on the foam, turn over and cut excess away.

Construction of mountain on base. Please note that a dense type of foam must be used to ease your creation efforts.

Using a knife or foam cutter shape mountain to desired shape and size.

Use crack filler and fill all gaps that exists between foam layers.
Step 3

Paint the foam surface with thinners to create a rock like look.

Step 4

When you are satisfied with the look we start the painting process. I used spray bottles with diluted acrylic paint which I spray on. First I start with slate then stone then black, green and last burnt sienna. Wait for each colour to dry before applying next color.

These photo are just to show the other section.

Here you can see I am busy consructing a bridge in the revine section and you can also see I have added flock to the mountain.

Hope this has helped some of you!