Thursday, August 26, 2010


Here is a quick tutorial on making trees.

Material used:
Copper wire
Spray paint
Spray adhesive


Copper wire cut to required size and bent into U shape.

Cut rope to required sizes and flare. Insert it into copper wire.

Insert wire into variable drill, clamp bottom with pliers and start drill.

Your tree should look something like this now.

Trim tree to required shape and size.

Spray stem brown.

It should look as follows.

When dry spray on adhesive.

Flock with foam folliage flock.

Here are a few final products.

Hope this has helped.

Remember no two trees are alike.



  1. Very professional indeed,I like what I see.

  2. Attach wire into variable drill. Attach into what part of drill? I think the point is the rope fibers will spin around with wire (I think). For me there's a step missing or needs to be better described. Please explain?

  3. Garry, as you can see the end of the wire which is to form the trunk is inserted into drill chuck. The u end of the wire is grasped with a pliers and held firmly. The drill is then turned on will the wind the wire up causing the fibers to flare around the wound wire forming a bottle brush appearance. Hope this is clearer.